Sunday, 10 May 2015

Notes on: bisexuality

A lil honesty for anyone struggling with their seuxality

I am Bi. Bisexual. Girls are hot. Guys are hot and I like them both. I know over my entire life, from the age of three when I used to flirt with waiters in cafe's, to rather recently, I have talked about guys a lot. But just because I was talking about guys doesn't mean that I wasn't thinking, about girls. I never said anything about them because no one else did. I wasn’t aware that it was okay to like girls but as I look back I see that there were characteristics there. If ever there was a group of girls around, I always preferred the pretty ones. My strong affliction for men may have started out as attraction, but it continued so strongly because of internalised social repression. And before you say anything like; 'it's just a hormonal stage' or 'you may think that you have these feelings but you don't' I want to stop you and tell you, before you get too hasty... no one knows any of that but me. I feel what I feel, and I know it. My experience for the same sex is not just friendly, I flirt, I am into them and sometimes they are into me, and that’s nice. All I know is that today I am bisexual, but feelings are an ebb and flow, all things are in flux. You cannot categorise something as important as attraction. 
I just thought I should let you know,
Bea Tucks

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  1. Well said! You are what you are and no one has the right to say otherwise. I just recently realized to be demi-sexual, or at least somewhere in the asexual spectrum, and it took me quite a while to arrive at this conclusion because of all the things people take for granted, all the same things that I thought were "the truth".